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Creating Quality Handouts

By Speaking Tips | December 29, 2003

Too many presenters treat handouts like an afterthought or simply forget about them altogether in the expectation that they will just get trashed anyway. When handouts are poorly designed, they will very likely be discarded. By contrast, quality handouts are used and ensure that your presentation is remembered favorably. We show you what distinguishes a great handout from one that is destined for the circular file.

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Handling The Handout

By Stephen Boyd | October 31, 2003

Many meetings include providing handouts during a presentation. How to use them most effectively is a challenge for many speakers. Here are suggestions for making maximum use of handouts.

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Effective Use Of The Handout

By Stephen Boyd | May 31, 2003

For many presenters the handout is essential for audience understanding, yet it is also one of the biggest sources of distraction during the presentation. How can we use handouts effectively in a presentation?

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