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You probably spend more time using your listening skills than almost any other kind of skill. However, it takes more than simply using your ears to be a good listener. Listening, like any other skill, takes practice.

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What Is That I Hear

By Stephen Boyd | January 3, 2011

Make it a goal to learn to identify sounds; when you do, you are developing the same self-discipline to listen actively to people. Can you distinguish among the sounds of the siren of an ambulance, fire truck, and police car?

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You Communicate Best When You Dont Talk

By Stephen Boyd | December 2, 2010

Recently in a seminar I had a participant who gave me excellent nonverbal feedback. She had a perpetual genuine smile and asked a couple of excellent, thought-provoking questions which initiated good seminar discussion.

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Improve Your Listening Skills Today!

By Stephen Boyd | November 2, 2009

The skill to listen well is one of the most important elements to a successful career. We are so easily distracted as we respond to our cell phones, emails, or text messages that we miss what people are saying. Here are some tips on improving your listening skills today in order to pay better attention.

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Win With Empathic Listening

By Stephen Boyd | February 11, 2008

In the workplace, reaching a win-win resolution is often the goal. A huge step toward winning is to listen empathetically. Listening is an important skill that many of us take for granted.

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Hear What Is Being Said

By Stephen Boyd | April 16, 2007

What you hear is not always what the speaker intended. How can you make sure you listen and assimilate what the person you are speaking with wanted you to understand?

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Just Someone To Listen

By Stephen Boyd | February 6, 2007

In the information-sharing society in which we live, finding people who will listen is a challenge. The last thing most of us need in our busy lives is to spend a bigger chunk of time listening to people. But here are some suggestions on how you can maximize your time by giving your ear to people around you.

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Listen First And Talk Second

By Stephen Boyd | August 31, 2005

Voltaire said that When you listen, you have power and When you talk, you give it away. How can we increase our power or influence by making sure we listen more than we talk? Here are some ideas on encouraging the other person to talk so you will listen.

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Silence Is The Beginning Of Listening

By Stephen Boyd | May 15, 2005

In the word listen are the same letters that make up the word silent. This is a powerful indication that silence is an important part of listening more effectively. If we learn the skill of silence, we also have improved our listening. Let me illustrate that by providing silence-enhancing techniques.

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Overcome Bad Listening Habits

By Stephen Boyd | April 30, 2005

Nothing is more insulting to a person talking than for you not to listen - or even to appear not to be listening. You can immediately improve your relationships by identifying and changing bad listening habits.

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Listen To Evaluate

By Stephen Boyd | September 30, 2004

We make bad choices because we don't listen well. Political campaigns are in gear and soon we will be voting. We must realize the importance of listening well to make good decisions. In addition, we listen regularly to our physicians, clients, vendors, and family members to ponder choices and make decisions.

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You Have To Listen!

By Stephen Boyd | May 31, 2004

A major factor in not listening is that we have a choice! We can choose not to listen and to sit passively daydreaming or thinking about things other than what is being said. Thus a way to become better listeners is to put ourselves in communication situations where we have no choice but to listen. There are a variety of ways of doing that.

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Getting People To Listen

By Stephen Boyd | April 30, 2004

It can be frustrating to be talking to someone when you can tell the person is not listening. Short of saying something rude, here are some ways to ensure that you will be listened to.

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Improve Your Listening Immediately!

By Stephen Boyd | October 31, 2003

Many presenters are good at talking, but the same presenter may have trouble listening. Here are some tips that can change your listening behavior now.

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The Look Of Listening

By Stephen Boyd | September 30, 2003

Have you ever had a person in the middle a conversation tell you that they can see you are not interested in what they have to say? You are surprised because you are listening closely to what the person is saying. Yet obviously you do not look like it to the person who is talking.

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