Stage Fright

Perhaps surprisingly, the majority of people list public speaking as their greatest fear, beating out heights, insects, financial problems, deep water, illness and even death. People who don't learn how to control their anxiety risk becoming boring, ineffective presenters. On the other hand, those able to conquer their fear of speaking generally have greater career opportunities and experience increased job satisfaction.

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Stage Fright Tips

By Stephen Boyd | June 13, 2011

Fear is such a personal matter. I certainly do get "butterflies in the stomach" when I speak, but I crave the challenge of holding an audience's attention and sharing information that will be helpful to them. Here are some suggestions for the speaker to conquer his or her fears of speaking.

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Dealing With Stagefright

By Stephen Boyd | March 22, 2011

Probably the most frequently asked question of me when training or coaching presentation skills is 'How do you deal with stagefright?' The key is not to eliminate these fears, but to control them. Here are a couple of methods.

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The Mental Part of Public Speaking

By Stephen Boyd | September 2, 2010

'How can I get over my nervousness in giving a speech? I'm afraid I'm going to pass out.' I'm often asked that question when someone finds out I am a presentation skills coach and trainer. I do have tips for alleviating those feelings.

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Speech Anxiety and Eliminating the What Ifs

By Stephen Boyd | May 12, 2010

A perplexing challenge for any speaker is to arrest the anxiety of 'What if ___ happens during my speech?' Psychologists tell us that the apprehension of the unknown is one of our greatest fears. If you can anticipate the 'what ifs,' then you will be more comfortable and confident as you speak.

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How To Stay Cool In Public Speaking

By Joan Curtis | February 10, 2009

Does the thought of speaking in public make you tremble inside? Are you one of those people who would rather die than speak before a group? This article will put that universal fear of public speaking in the proper perspective and give you some tips for turning the fear into positive energy.

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Overcome Your Fear of Presenting

By Speaking Tips | July 12, 2004

Some quick tips to help you understand and overcome your fear of presenting.

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Ten Causes Of Public Speaking Stress

By Speaking Tips | June 7, 2004

Public speaking is a common source of stress in the modern workplace. If your career goals include taking a leadership role in your organization, you will almost certainly need to speak in public regularly on your road to achieving them. Here are ten common causes of public speaking stress and anxiety and some tips for avoiding them.

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Master Your Inner Fears

By Speaking Tips | March 1, 2004

An audience forms an impression in the first few seconds as the speaker approaches the speaking arena. What the audience wants to see is a person who appears confident and at ease. Nervous people, on the other hand, make them uncomfortable and less likely to listen to and absorb the material being presented. A confident, relaxed presenter connects with the audience and starts positive feelings flowing immediately.

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Conquering Stage Fright

By Speaking Tips | February 9, 2004

If you experience stage fright during speaking or presentation assignments then take heart because you are not alone. Actors, singer, musicians, dancers, and athletes are frequently afflicted with the same syndrome. Biographies of well known celebrities often reveal continuing and acute stage fright even after decades of recognition and success.

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