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Research shows that presentations which use visual support are more persuasive than ones which do not. Visual aids help listeners understand abstract concepts and allow complex data to be organized and reduced to make a point clearly and concisely. Furthermore, effective visual support maintains listener interest and increases audience retention of the material being presented.

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When Not To Use Powerpoint

By Stephen Boyd | January 31, 2006

The use of PowerPoint has become an important part of many of our presentations. But there are times when PowerPoint is best omitted from a presentation. The purpose of this article is to suggest times when you are better off to present without PowerPoint.

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Props for Your Next Presentation

By Stephen Boyd | April 15, 2005

A prop is an object that you use in your presentation to help illustrate or reinforce a point or to help the audience remember an idea. When preparing for your next presentation, consider using a prop. Here are some suggestions on how to make the best use of the prop.

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Creating Pictures For Audience Impact

By Stephen Boyd | March 31, 2004

Visuals help with creating pictures. These can be drawings, photographs, cutaways, and props. Keep a camera with you in the car so you can make a literal picture of a point you might someday make. When you use Power Point, an occasional relevant photograph on a slide between copy or graphs can help the listener better visualize what you are saying.

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Presentations And Props

By Speaking Tips | February 23, 2004

Often a well selected prop significantly enriches a presentation either by setting the tone, creating a surprise or providing visual humor. Used at the beginning of a speech, it can break the ice and help connect with the audience. Generally props are easy to use, fun to plan and well received by the audience.

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Using Flip Charts

By Speaking Tips | January 26, 2004

Unabashedly low tech, universally understood and easy to use, flip charts remain communication powerhouses. They continue to be popular because they are effective, portable, familiar, inexpensive and do not require electricity or telecommunications.

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Communicating With Color

By Speaking Tips | January 19, 2004

Color can be a powerful tool for enhancing your presentations. It can help shape what an audience sees, feels and remembers, and provides presenters with an additional method for communicating ideas and conveying meaning.

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Quick Tips For Using Color Effectively

By Speaking Tips | January 5, 2004

Many people feel insecure about working with colors. What we often fail to appreciate is that we each have a lifetime of experience which began with baby toys and continues through life in nature, art, the media, clothes, and furnishings. In visual aids and presentation slides color can be a very effective method for reinforcing content and focusing attention.

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