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Voice care is important for everyone because we all depend upon our voices for communication. For speakers and trainers, the voice is an essential tool of the trade and should be nurtured and protected and its stamina and quality actively developed.

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Quick Tips For Using Your Voice Effectively

By Speaking Tips | June 14, 2004

Eight quick tips to help you use your voice more effectively when giving a speech or presentation or conducting a training session.

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DIY Voice Care

By Speaking Tips | January 12, 2004

Unlike professional speakers and others who use their voices to make a living such as actors, singers, trainers and teachers, the occasional speaker is unlikely to have received professional advice on caring for their voices and minimizing the possible problems resulting from a health condition or their surrounding environment. We show you a few simple techniques for caring for your own voice.

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When To Hire A Speech Coach

By Speaking Tips | November 10, 2003

Few people know that there are professionals whose business it is to help them further their communication goals. While it is true that most of us could probably get by without turning to a speech coach, this may not always be the right choice. A speech coach can provide individual attention that is focused on your specific development needs. Coaching is private, fast, results oriented and need not put too great a strain on your bank balance.

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